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Meet Jasmin Smith,
Executive & Founder 

My Story

    I am Jasmin Smith. I am a Survivor of trauma do to violence that resulted to disabilities. I was ran over November 22, 2016. I went through a great deal of pain, trauma, and depression. I had to learn to talk and walk again. I was 29 years old when this incident happens. I was released from the hospital March 23, 2017. I experienced enormous amounts of trauma, depression, anxiety and fear. As time passed I began to heal slowly mentally. I kept God as my anchor and I began to find myself in strength and love. I began to embrace my disability and acknowledge I needed mental health support. For a woman to almost lose their life that's a great burden. However, my resilience allowed me to get back in school. Along with having the greatest gift God Blessed me with my Son. I then developed my business Beautifully Scarred. My goal was to offer my support for people that have gone through the same or similar situations as myself and others that just need that support. I graduated December 2021 and got my bachelor’s degree in Human Service Mental Health Recovery. I have been doing speaking engagements telling my story, making baskets for people that I pass out every year, and being a part of the community. I am hear to show that despite the challenges we can persevere.

    From Trauma to Triumph

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    When I Thought It Was Over, It was The Start Of A New Transformation. 

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